Software Developer Company: Expand Your Company with First-Class Applications

We deliver top-notch software products to startups, small companies, large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies across the world. Our app development team compris of more than 200 talented IT experts excels in finding the balance between advances technologies, great user experiences and good-looking designs.

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Efficient Software That Brings Value

Stryder’s efficient app development process is designed to create effective software solutions keeping within the budget and timeframes. We offer a full scope of digital business development services including not only bespoke software design, native mobile apps and website development, but also business consulting, marketing campaigns, search engine optimisation and much more. Over many years in the IT industry, we have developed a solid expertise in digital technologies and gained an in-depth understanding of a company’s needs, consumer habits and market trends, as well as advances technologies and best approaches to software development.

Software Companies: Bespoke App Design

If you are struggling to find a reputable team of developers to bring your creative ideas to life, go no further, because you have found the right team for the job - we know how to make your company stand out from the competition, establish a strong online presence for your brand and connect to your target audience. Stryder software developer company is an experienced outsource team of IT specialists ready to accomplish all kinds of projects from advanced customization of your existing software to bespoke app development on the basis of your software requirement specification or from scratch.

Custom Services

  • Bespoke app development from scratch
  • Software customization and integration
  • Optimization and modernization of legacy systems
  • Software support, continuous maintenance and updates
  • Project rescue
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  • cl2cl1
  • cl3cl1
Enterprise App Creation

Stryder experienced developers are ready to tackle a project of any scale and complexity, be it a brochure website or an elaborate corporate system. We have an in-depth expertise across various areas of business including online business development, resource planning, procurement management, customer relations and other domains, which enables us to find solutions that best fit into your current needs and remain viable over a long time.

Advanced Web Solutions.

We build feature-rich bespoke web-based apps, website, corporate portals and consumer-oriented platforms. To add more, we offer a full range of software as a service (SaaS) solutions including engineering, implementation and post-launch support.

Native Mobile Development.

Our web design firm helps you to reach out to your customers, boost sales and launch successful marketing campaigns, taking advantage of the most advanced mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and others. We can help you mobilize your staff through an enterprise system, engage your customers through a top-notch app and design a mobile platform to run your company on the go without sacrificing productivity.

Experience and Flexibility

We boast an amazing team of talented developers, designer and business analysts, as well as the most advanced equipment, which enables us to ensure the efficiency of the products we create, guarantees the full transparency of the process and minimizes risks. We rely on qualified app developers, seamless development process, efficient tools and best methodologies to guarantee you the highest quality and security of our wide range of digital services. Moreover, we can tackle the projects of any scope and complexity, from brochure websites and basic apps for small companies to minimum viable products (MVPs) for startups and elaborate software systems for big enterprises.

Digital Services

  • IT consulting
  • App Prototyping
  • Bespoke App Development
  • Software Product Design
  • Legacy Software Integration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Virtual Environment Design
  • Software Testing and Security
  • Continuous Support and Maintenance
  • Full-Service Development Teams

About Stryder Team

We aim at driving your company to success because your success is the only thing that proves Stryder’s great reputation as leading software developers. We can boast a wide competence in various technologies, cross-industry expertise and focus on quality of our digital services and products. Our large team of more than 200 developers, designers, business analysts, architects, testers, project managers and support specialists can efficiently tackle projects of any complexity.
Long-Term Partnership with Clients

Since the establishment of Stryder software development company, we have been designing first-class applications while maintaining a close communication with our customers, keeping them informed about the process and always aiming at a long-term partnership that brings mutually beneficial results. That is why we have so many loyal clients who turn to us every time they need to create a quality software product and bring their companies to a new level. Our industry-leading expertise has been recognized by many internationally famous brands and developers who regularly use Stryder’s services and leave rave review about our work.

Effective Solutions and Cross-Industry Expertise

The efficiency of our software is rooted in an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies the need of your company, and the expectations of your target audience. Form complex enterprise systems and e-commerce platforms to enterprise resource planning and business intelligence, we endeavor to create user-friendly programs without regard to their complexity, wither from scratch or continuing an ongoing project for you to accomplish your company’s goals within the shortest time.

  • E-commerce. The entire scope of B2B and B2C online solutions that benefits businesses, customers, partners and employees.
  • Corporate Systems and Intranets. We boost the efficiency of your company's workflow through automatization of business processes and integration of disparate enterprise resources into a single system.
  • Advanced Workflow Management Solutions. Manage your documents with ease - our advanced CMS includes such functionality as document lifecycle management, status updates, advanced search, file sharing and more.
  • Corporate Resource Management and Planning. Our feature-rich apps allow you to manage your finances, track employee productivity, manage procurement and servicing of the equipment and premises.
B2B and B2C Apps

Smart solutions for workflow management, sales automation, client communication, order tracking and other business needs.

  • Content Management Systems. Integrate your disparate tools and sources into a unified system that will store all your data accurately and systematically.
  • Business Intelligence. Streamline reporting, organise analytical processing, manage business performance, search and compare data with ease using our advanced business intelligence solutions.
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems. Enhance your efficiency - from marketing campaigns to accounting, order management and payments processing.

Technology Expertise and Outstanding Track Record

We never stop honing our technical skills and exploring new IT horizons to enhance your business and push you towards your goals. We are not just a software vendor, we are a reliable partner you can rely on. Since 2010, we have been gaining knowledge of the most advanced and secure technologies, which we competently combine to address the needs of your business with a most efficient solution. Our developers and designers keep an eye on the emerging trends and integrate them into the most challenging digital products to ensure their immediacy, effectiveness, high performance, interoperability and great user experience.

We Care About Client Communication

We will navigate you through the world of software development from initial idea to design, programming and deployment. At the same time, we will closely communicate with you to make sure we receive your feedback, meet your wishes and address your concerns. We are proud of our vast expertise and solid experience, but we fully understand that it is impossible to achieve the best results without a deep understanding of your needs and close collaboration with our clients.

Technologies We Utilize

  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • C++
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Cross-Platform
  • Legacy Software
  • Mobile Web

How we Set up the Team

  1. Setup
    • Set up the core team
    • Organize the infrastructure
    • Discuss the project and requirements
    • Identify and implement processes
  2. Optimization
    • Select developers with required qualifications and background in a relevant area of knowledge
    • Accumulate knowledge and share expertise
    • Choose a suitable approach and adjust processes
    • Optimize team performance
  3. Operate
    • Expand the team or reduce it according to the needs of the project
    • Involve developers experienced in specific areas of industry or technologies if needed
    • Integrate with your in-house team

Start Working on Your Software Development Project Now

  • Step 1: Contact Us. Tell us about your idea or send us a ready software requirements specification, and we will see how we can help and estimate the cost of development.
  • Step 2: Discovery. After you have contacted our developers, we will investigate your business and come up with ideas on how to add value and optimise your workflow to maximise productivity.
  • Step 3: Proposal. Then we will send you an official proposal, and you will take your time to decide whether to hire our team or continue your search for developers.