Android Development: How to Succeed on the Android Platform

Our development company specialises in the Android development, but our experience allows us to offer complicated software solutions and achieve the most difficult objectives.

Professional Mobile App Developers

Take advantage of our experience of helping companies to solve problems, from the optimisation of the internal process to improving brand awareness and attractiveness. The Android development plays an important role in reaching audiences around the world with a market share of more than 80%. Since Android is part of a sophisticated technology company like Google, developers can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Google services to expand the user base, increase profitability and generate revenue.

The first step in the development of Android apps

Mobile technology deepens the links between the consumer and the company, improves relations with customers and brand awareness, facilitates the use of services and automates operations that require a lot of time. However, the fragmentation of Android devices is having difficulties for many developers to create an excellent experience that guarantees ease of use and intuition in each screen size of each branded device. But even before coding important things, it is to define ideas, investigate markets and carefully plan projects. Then to start the development?

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Meet your Readers

It is essential for each company to determine the target audience and meet consumers. By simply understanding what applications make a difference in the daily lives of consumers, you can create products that meet your needs and achieve your business objectives. How can I download the app to an Android device? What features are attractive to them? How can an app perfectly adapt to a user's routine? Investigate the personalities of the buyers, such as the demographics of the client, the motivation, the objectives, the behavior patterns. The easier it is to develop a solution to deal with them, the more you will know.

Select Target Device

A large number of devices running the Android platform are advantageous for the reach of the audience and the disadvantages of qualitative development. In addition to the fact that all devices have different hardware and screen resolutions, some brands take advantage of the opportunity to chose above mentioned operating system because it is an open source platform. In addition, the appearance of the device and the details of its elements affect the behavior and appearance of the program. Our mobile development group must also consider factors such as the possibility for consumers to use older devices with limited capacity. Keep in mind that there are still many active versions of the operating system on this platform when creating custom Android applications. Please do not embrace them all. It is almost impossible to focus on the most relevant devices. For example, you have a website, if you can monitor the website through Google Analytics, to find a device to access the most frequent site, to create a list of developers of target devices to create programs. This allows programmers to incorporate device-specific features, test applications on the list of all Android devices and verify that everything works correctly.

Market Studies

Unlike iOS applications, Android revisions are less restrictive, which gives developers the freedom to customize. In the same sense, we can allow you to send bad quality software with a series of experiences with errors. The amount of applications on Google Play is huge. Even if you are targeting a specific category, you face great competition with top-level applications and low-quality applications. To distinguish your product from other products, you must know the competitors and the key to their success and the reason for the failure. Read comments and complaints from users in the app description in the Google Play store and identify what to do to stand out from the rival based on user feedback.

Determination of the Main Specifications

The development for mobile devices is a big investment, its function also affects the costs. Do not group thousands of "excellent features" in Android MVP. First of all, show that your idea works with the implementation of the central function. Therefore, in order to know whether the incorporation of any function, it is useful to create specific instructions for developers. According to this set of features, Android developers to define the cost of the project, can create a scalable architecture, which means the presence of a particular function. Consider the monetization strategy of the app. Does the program have ads or purchases in the application, is it free or paid? Programmers in order to create a solid foundation, you may want to know what is included looks like in any app in advance.

Launch and Marketing Plan

Creating an Android app is just part of the job. The next step is to sell it. In addition, if you work with high reliability developers it provides high quality solutions, which makes it easy to maintain a user to attract the right marketing strategy.

If your Android app wants to be a virus, please make sure that you cover a certain influential bloggers and press releases. Before the development ends, connect the main player of your niche. Building links with these people increases the possibility of promoting the program.

Content marketing, social networks such as Facebook and Facebook ads help to set the result in a longer perspective.

In the development of the application, please pay special attention to the description of the Google Play. The user decides whether to download the app according to the description of the app. Therefore, the characteristics and the user of the program may be necessary to explain the basics of how to take advantage of the benefits.

Our professional Android development company, as it is, writes the description by selecting the app category, so that it can be converted to users of applications and interact with Google Play visitors.

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Find a Reliable Development Partner

Despite the wide choice of the app development company, finding partners for the appropriate development could be difficult to build a program. Some of the entrepreneurs, all the time spent in coding, but we concentrate on all aspects - from initial market analysis, business needs, to functionality and future monetisation and app promotion. We work to create the complex high-quality solutions, implementing robust code, appropriate scalable architecture to achieve good performance and excellent user experience. In order to achieve this goal, you have to work only with the real Android app development experts.

Our Experience in the Development of Android


We have an Android developers team with a lot of experience. Designers, programmers, team of specialists for quality control - all together we are implementing the projects with advanced functional and attractive design. The combination of these two aspects and good quality, the user has to always strive to create a mobile program for the Android operating system that continues to sponsor the home screen. Our ability, library, emulator, debugger, code samples, etc., using all the privileges of Google's development tools, has received the benefit of the Android software development kit (SDK).

Technology to Use


While there are each level IT specialists, our team is, you can build a smartphone application, both in the Eclipse IDE and the Android Studio. This is officially compatible with Google. While the Android SDK is compatible with the previous version of this operating system, our team will be able to offer solutions that are targeted both to the new mobile device with the old Android gudget. Our experience has had Android NDK and the SDK package, as well as Corona SDK, Visual Studio, all the tools available in third-party development tools, such as Xamarin.

Our Development Process

Our team can respond to customer expectations using a proven development method. And an overview of the fixed project, even in the case of any of the basic idea of ​​the application, the team to find the optimal development path to ensure that this is the one that suits you. Our development team, using agile methods and cascade methodology, offers a flexible and iterative approach and fixed, documented development.

  • Verification of the Idea

    Our experienced business analyst and project manager will begin to collaborate with project ideas and evaluation of market studies. We will help you define target audiences, feature sets and excellent software solutions that fully meet your needs. Our team will help you explore and analyze activities to increase the chances of success of the project.

  • Design

    Our design department makes sure that the app looks perfect on all specific devices to match different screen sizes and resolutions. The UX designers consider the ease of use to provide seamless navigation within the programs. The user interface designer refines the user interface, makes it attractive to the target audience, helps the brand distinguish the product from the competition and promotes business through the mobile market.

  • Coding

    Our programmer is writing easy-to-read code to create a robust and scalable architecture. In order to ensure the quality of the code, the developers review at all levels of history, after the implementation of all functions. First, we provide MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that shows the main function of the application, the client tests and verifies if it meets the requirements. While we receive feedback from customers, we make changes to the program and implement other functions until they meet the needs of our customers.

  • Quality Guarantee

    The work of the quality control division starts at the verification stage and continues to the beginning. The QA experts analyze the projects before proceeding with the coding to predict possible problems and find solutions to eliminate serious errors. As we have MVP, our team will test the performance, load capacity, security, intuition and other aspects related to the work of the app and the user experience. After completing the development process and helping obtain approval after the submission, our team can also provide post-launch maintenance.


Let the Android App Succeed!

If you are ready to start developing your Android app project, or if you have any questions, contact your IT advisor! We will use all our expertise to solve your concerns. Do not hesitate to talk about your app project, get a professional idea estimate and a free quote. Let your ideas be real!