Abilities of our High Skilled App Developers, London

Headquartered in London, UK, our developers and assurance engineers combine offshore economics with onshore flexibility and accountability to provide customers with great value.

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Why choose us

When you offer advanced mobility solutions or network software products or built-in developer projects, you can scale your internal development capabilities quantitatively. Ultimately, you can get technical funding and more than a million hours of relevant experience, including conceptualization, prototyping, building, designing, integrating, transplanting and maintaining high-quality, reliable apps.

Service overview

We have developed a variety of mobile and web solutions, moving from business to gaming. Our platform talent spans Android, iOS, Windows Phone, native, mixed and cross-platform development, including Xamarin and Unity programming, as well as all the most important frameworks in software migration.

We've come from London, professional application developers, who can help companies fully leverage the full capabilities of new technologies, software programs and infrastructures through advanced web-based solutions that take advantage of comfortable data processing and complex back-end analytics. We have incredible capabilities in developing highly loadable frameworks with scalability, comfort and efficiency, and provide an attractive front and a superior UX. Along with a variety of know-how, technical capabilities ensure that we offer the highest value to companies looking for modern methods to streamline business processes, introduce new sales channels and deliver greater success to customers, channel partners and partners.

Additional advantages

Our company is based in London and is an important embedded software organization with global interest in development. We provide full-cycle embedded architecture, including system-level programs, drivers and middleware programming, performance optimization services, debugging and fault analysis, UI design and rapid prototyping, and finally start product maintenance support and post-release.

London's creative developers can provide a full-cycle contract game development plan from store-to-store design. According to the requirements specification, our developers have many opportunities to create educational and entertainment games and ensure their stable work in the browser.

Customer-oriented approach

Our software agency has always been more interested in long-term partnerships than in short-term interests. In London, we deal with intellectual property, patent and technological innovation, and we strictly enforce data security regulations to ensure a mature and encouraging attitude.

Our customer base is comprised of 200 companies, including start-up companies and arena leaders.

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  • Over 150 full-time employees
  • It was established in 2010
  • Headquartered in London, UK
  • 50% of senior staff and highly-qualified specialists
  • 25% middle level
  • More than 200 customers
  • Integrated Quality Assurance Procedures

Mobile software development

Developers at the London headquarters, in addition to rationalizing applications, integrate and deploy bespoke apps, mobile SDKs and utilities, as well as Internet services and internal corporate architectures ranging from needs to publishing and submission to stores, portability and ongoing maintenance and support . Integrated Collaboration: We deploy enterprise mobility initiatives and solutions to provide instant access to your company's most valuable data and capabilities to provide efficient, uninterrupted help to your employees, channel partners, and customers.

Fair user experience: Our mobile developers create packages that provide user engagement and retention through appropriate mechanisms, as well as in-app purchases and targeted ads. Successful global performance: deep knowledge in digital design and low-level programming can leverage the tool's hardware capabilities and optimize overall performance to ensure that any development is involved in maximizing ROI.

Experience and Industries

Our team of developers is a trusted long-term IT partner for industry leaders, technology innovators, mature companies and bold start-ups. Our industry experience is adequate to provide solutions at the forefront of current trends.

  • Business Liquidity
  • Smart Device app
  • Event management
  • Digital Image
  • The video stream on the phone
  • Distribution of media content

Mobile applications, Utilities, and Middleware

Our application developers at London headquarters leverage understanding of embedded software and hardware engineering programs, provide system apps, interact with hardware components of low-level tools, and serve as performance enhancements and functional extensions.

Our experience with programming integrated systems for a variety of digital devices helps us create special gadgets that enable low-level communication between the operating system and the integrated hardware - the different additives for processing units for cameras, cameras, sensors and devices furniture.

We help manufacturers of smartphones, handhelds, and other devices optimize performance, increase storage capacity, and improve the reliability of embedded memory and removable memory cards. Extensive developer experience in electronic engineering principles, including physical and technical limitations of mobile devices and hardware, provides strong support for the creation of advanced software programs for different business areas.

Event management app

Our developers have a diverse portfolio of examples featuring advanced programs that work on iOS, Android or Windows Phone, and customized solutions for women with a variety of superior features:

  • Personal Agenda Management
  • Event scheduling
  • Interactive Map
  • Social integration
  • Talk and talk
  • Alarm settings

Combining various web services event management apps provide an unprecedented user experience for event attendees.

Virtual images, photo and video

Our successful experience in layout and firmware programming provides advanced products that enhance the functionality of graphics processors, virtual cameras and related hardware on smartphones or tablets.

These applications are powerful gadget utilities, drivers that optimize the interaction with add-ons and back-end hardware methods, as well as custom programs that enable improved and faster sharing of created media files.

Content distribution / media stream

Our multimedia content delivery solutions, from media controllers, media players, and renderers to digital servers, use state-of-the-art components for superior overall performance and connectivity.

The London development team has a great experience beyond the standard apps. We create DLNA licensing solutions and SDKs to develop enterprise systems to manipulate media libraries and transfer stream to smart phone, tablet or smart home play devices (desktop, TV, stereo, etc.) Structured media content.

Smart apps

We offer standalone products that can be distributed through the app store and run in the mass market for smartphones and tablets as well as smart programs that can provide high-quality portable parts and digital devices to accommodate overly sensitive sensors:

  • Activity Followers
  • Smart Watches & iWatch
  • Exercise Guide
  • Nutrition Assistant
  • Support for sleep
  • Games and simulators

Developers can create a proof-of-concept utility to check out any revolutionary technology or ideas you think before mass production.

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Enterprise records, workflows and capabilities

Developers build superior tools and seamlessly integrate complex systems with enterprise databases, software packages, and systems. We offer lean, efficient and convenient applications for e-commerce support, B2B, B2C and B2E solutions.

Dynamic applications and distributed solutions: development, integration, maintenance

London developers have extensive hands-on experience in enterprise program development and integration, including the production and integration of mobile back-end, complex server-side ETL solutions, and data protection. Mobile enterprise products support a wealth of web development experience. We've created the package to provide intuitive and convenient UX by leveraging enterprise and corporate back-end systems between efficient two-way dialogue via smartphone to give customers instant access to mission critical records and corporate structure, tablets anytime, anywhere.

At our London company we are well suited to build native apps and we can also replicate code redundancy and operating system fragmentation problems with the Xamarin experience, which is one of the best solutions for enterprise solutions. Our app builders build mobile applications that can easily be delivered across a variety of platforms and help unlock the device's built-in features, provide smoother user experiences and excessive integration features - which is critical for successful business apps.

Maximize app functionality

Our developers have years of experience in embedded software programming and low-level programming to produce very useful device kits with optimized performance and the most efficient use of CPU, GPU, memory, camera in the air and other hardware resources.

Strong skills and mature development strategy

We know the best development practices, providing transparency and expert guidance at every stage of development, from requirements analysis and specification to prototyping, application development and launching in the app store.

Development process

We designate best practices, proven methods and very special knowledge about the use of algorithmic design, software program architecture and UI creation, and adaptive / responsive design experience for business, entertainment, education, travel, and so on.

qualify for the release, the software must meet the following criteria:
  • High performance and Happy consumers feedback
  • The app is secure and reliable
  • Effectively leverages the device's limited memory and CPU capabilities
  • The software has low power consumption for the smartphone and tablet users
  • The app helps to continuously exchange data between the device and the back-end
  • Provides stable, error-free operation

Together with the strict and transparent customer, the use of control technology, we guarantee the full range of well-designed professional development services, we shorten applications from time to market.

Native app

We focus on developing native apps. When designing a mobile app, the developer will consider the details of all target platforms. The team of developers also has extensive experience in portability software for / from Android, iOS and Windows.

Multiplatform development

Our London experts effectively deal with the complexity of multiplatform development, using powerful devices and frameworks, including Xamarin, Unity, Jam, Corona, UDK, and so on. We will take you through all the steps of SDLC to minimize risk investment and shorten your time.

Backend: open architecture, scalability, and reduced maintenance costs

Our app developers develop efficient, easy-to-control and maintenance back-end architectures for mobile products and enterprise mobility solutions. Real-world hardware, firmware, and software experience enables us to discover the device's hardware limitations and turn it into opportunities by creating a well-designed project architecture, smart business class, and logging.

Together with our company, customers and colleagues use the advantages of large data to extract and integrate different content to facilitate the display of users from a variety of mobile phones to portable electronic products and robust electronic products related to the show. Software developers will do their utmost to ensure that the interaction with all applications is synchronized with all screens, including the smallest devices.

From the beginning to the end

Our highly professional developers build back-end apps to store and manage background statistics, and in most cases to reach the next use of the solution, deliver HTML and media content to your applications.

Mobile integration layer

We create intermediate server-side APIs and solutions, create connectors and middleware, seamlessly integrate applications into existing Web solutions, or introduce mobile endpoints into enterprise network infrastructures.

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A team of London app developers are real pros in creation of a complicated business applications, mobile utilities, connectivity, data integration, and user experience engineering. We provide the solution you need just in time and with the agreed functionality. We are ready to help you achieve business goals just as we do for dozens of grateful customers.