Apple App Development: From Concept to Reality

In our Apple app development company, we think that the solution we have created is just the starting point.

We create products that drive returns.

iOS development services

As one of Apple's leading app development companies, we have a team of dedicated experts who have all the skills necessary to create iOS mobile products, recognizing its simplicity, ease of use, speed and versatility and experience. We do all things in. Not outsourced.

Apple software can become a unique trademark identity. If you are a business worthy of your customers and you need to compete for your attention in the booming mobile market, you need to have an iOS utility. This is the truth, we have a backup record.

IPhone apps can help create business images and enhance the user experience;Apple customers spend more money on in-app purchases to increase their income;Compared to the Android app, the development time of the iOS app less, thus reducing market time.

At the UK Headquarters, we have specialists in this field and we provide a branch of Apple app design and development services to meet your specific goals. We have launched dozens of apps in Apple stores, which are currently used by tens of thousands of satisfied users.

Skills and Tools

Our Apple software developers have proven framework, tools, and development practices to ensure the manageability and cohesiveness of the implementation process, from collection through release requirements, and the product through Apple's review and publishing process has been supporting and maintaining the product launch. In addition, the team also built a mobile solution ported to the Android operating system.

Apple Development Languages

  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • W #
  • C / C ++

Frames aznd components for iOS

We use the development frameworks and platforms listed below to demonstrate that they are very effective in accelerating app development and driving interactive apps:

  • iOS SDK
  • Xamarin
  • Touch of cocoa / cocoa
  • 3D drive
  • PhoneGap
  • WatchKit
  • StoreKit
  • CloudKit
  • OpenGL
  • Cocos2d / cocos2d -X
  • XCTest
  • Openal
  • OpenCV

Development Environment

In order to maximize development efficiency, developers use cross-platform iOS and IDE as well as code reposting, collaboration, and project management tools:

  • IDE drive
  • Mono development
  • Atlassian JIRA and Confluence
  • Xcode
  • SVN, Git, Mercurial

Presentation cover

Our experts are well aware of how to create highly available, attractive and intuitive apps that are consistent with the full range of Apple devices in terms of functionality and visual presentation:

  • UIKit
  • Main Charts
  • Quartz core
  • HTML + CSS
  • OpenGL ES

ORM and database

We use iOS-compatible ORM instruments and databases, as well as proven database design strategies.

  • SQLite
  • SQLCipher for iOS
  • CoreData
  • RestKit

Other Apple-related tools and solutions

The following set of tools and solutions can speed the development of workflows to better control each creative phase:

  • iOS emulator
  • CocoaPods
  • iTunes
  • AppCode
  • TexturePacker
  • ImageOptim
  • cl1cl1
  • cl2cl1
  • cl3cl1
  • cl4cl1
Custom Software Development

We are a multisectoral organization that provides centralized, transparent and stable control through a common goal, enabling customers to plan, create or improve goals through state-of-the-art technology and advanced custom tools.

Our goal is to provide the most profitable workload analysis and team composition across all business areas, taking into account not only the technical elements but also the appropriate knowledge and experience of team members in each business area independent.

IoT programs for Apple smartphones and tablets

For the back-end equipment, Apple is developing a fast way to move the market and provided the builder with greater profitability, to provide more targeted users to participate in the choice and not competitors. With Apple's handheld devices and some iPhone-friendly virtual rivals on the market, iOS has been expanding its technology in the field of portable and IOT technology. As an authorized licensor for Apple's MFI software, our company has been providing business opportunities for apps for iPhone, iPad and its wearable devices.

Apple watch: make the most of virtual novelty

Our developers have used the Watchkit framework for a while to take advantage of its functional properties and develop barriers. No matter how much space we have to polish and beautify, we'll use this rookie number to get the most out of its functionality, extend the iPhone app to the Apple watch, take advantage of the unique portable features like looks and announcements that are now the reality . Since there is no detection of composite gestures, gesture recognition customization is not available and the extraordinary screen resolution of each clock size is combined with unique hardware limitations, and this limitation of the program is best suited to our interest in this invention. We will use our Objective-C and Swift functions as well as any other dangers and making technical challenges possible.


Integrated headlamp technology, Apple has expanded its gadget location service. With the low-power mix of Bluetooth, iBeacon offers the potential to instantly use the "proximity environment" to enhance the user experience. Unlike GPS-based geographies, using iBeacon saves tool strength and enables more accurate user placement using region-related content data. If you want to test the waters of this progressive technology, we will intensify our efforts. Our experts can help you investigate the target market environment, provide a non-invasive and engaging user interaction while balancing your desire and privacy needs.

Process transparency

Throughout the workflow, development progress is usually transparent, the client can be based on Web-based task equipment for version control, function and error tracking, and content management and specialization.

Here, at the UK headquarters, we implement uninterrupted consolidation, so that the old code and project status can be verified by the customer at any time. Depending on the request, the team can switch to the source or tool that is preferred or created on the client.


Typically, in most cases, the workflow includes a subsequent project phase:

  • RFP process
  • Design
  • Development
  • Business analysis
  • Single Warranty
  • Deployment and integration
  • Update and Support

Depending on the task details or the client requirements, the level can change the order, run in parallel, ignore or repeat. Each step can also include many iterations.

Iteration is a time period in the development schedule, with a fixed target and description of delivery items - these two time periods are discussed and approved at the customer. Unlike the project stage, iterations have an order that can not be changed or ignored. This simplifies the system and maintains a logical sequence of step-by-step steps.

Our app development company grants the artifact at the end of each iteration. These can also include packages and statistics, source code, installers, documentation, and so on. All deliverable results (from the source to run the installation and guide) are 100% absolute.

Quality assurance

Custom development services help you achieve your ultimate goal in the most effective way and limit your total cost of ownership by balancing resource usage at any point during the distributed development cycle.

Our Apple Software Development Agency has a unique focus area: the QA Expert Group for mobile apps, computing devices and network software, firmware and built-in architectures. This separation ensures a higher quality of service through independent strategy, focused expertise, experienced aggregation and proven methods. Quality assurance professionals are almost involved in our projects.

We practice continuous QA. This means that throughout the life cycle of the utility, the needs and the first deliverables to the end product of the attraction, while providing continuous test coverage. Uninterrupted Quality Assurance Methods - While quality assurance engineers are assigned from the earliest stages to several initiatives - they bring some practical benefits, both the code is high quality and economical.

Project Management

The programming and final delivery of the product is done through a variety of activities closely coordinated:

  • Design and direct development with internal employees
  • With the representatives of customers in close cooperation
  • If necessary, the partner company is carefully selected and controlled

Specialists focus on monitoring the situation and assessing the risks as they can be diagnosed, all opportunities to be traced and the alternatives explored and communicated. To maintain the homework process, meet once a week to check the risks and get approved on time.

Each stage of the project is driven by the relative importance of the three dimensions of distribution management flexibility: schedule, features and price. To achieve this goal, we begin with the following assumptions about their priorities and their versatility:

  • Since the solution is available very late, the plan is clearly the least curved dimension
  • The set of features specified for the Apple solution can be particularly flexible and can be considered trade-offs to meet planning requirements
  • To meet the schedule or to retain the necessary functions, you can consider the trade-off costs

The specialized manager is examining these assumptions during the project to ensure that we are directing the task in order to meet customer priority.

loyal clients

Reliable group of collaborative specialists

If you are planning to build local Apple software to enable customers to take full advantage of high-tech digital solutions, look for a well-documented IT company. Look at our case studies and make sure that the products we create are truly remarkable.

Do not hesitate to send us future product descriptions or questions. Our customer service specialists will respond to you in a day, follow the customer service process and the query management process. Make sure our team strictly follows the rules of non-disclosure and protection of intellectual property. When you first contact us, all of your personal information will be protected.

Contact us

Our team is here to answer any questions about the proper establishment of an app for the Apple platform and a good user experience. We will be glad to be involved in a project of any complicity, as our knowledge and years of development let us work with non-trivial tasks and provide you with an amazing results.