iPad App Development: Tips and Guides

Our iPad apps development experts are ready to share useful tips and hints of Apple's famous Tablet PC app creation. And if you need development service for your project - we are ready to create an iOS app from the scratch of rework the existing code.

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Software development platforms

There are several possible ways to make iPad apps:

  • To create your own native app, register the Apple Developer Program. The annual payment is £ 60, and you can get many developer tools and a beta version of the iOS version before you make it public.
  • To use the platform or the builder to create the iPad program. However, since Apple tools are only available for Mac (Mac OS Xcode for Windows is the same as Microsoft's release of Visual Studio for Mac), you'll probably need to use the Mac.
  • To ask about the professional help of iPad app development team.

Below we will explain in detail all three solutions.

Mac or OS X emulator

Of course, there are some ways to run OSX on other computers that use emulators or virtual machines, but you will therefore violate the terms of Apple's license. If you have never had experience with this software, it can be very challenging. In that case, buying second-hand Mac Mini will be easier for hundreds of pounds, as this hardware is usually enough to develop iPad apps. Many programmers in C ++ now expect Objective-C to be similar, but this is not the case.

Design the iPad Software in Objective-C

In addition, there is a larger issue - Objective-C coding language. Many programmers in C ++ now expect Objective-C to be similar, but this is not the case. Some coders claim that, once, they combine the worst bits of C and the smaller Bittops, though it sounds bad. A specialist who may be a C ++, but when it comes to the Apple framework, you need to learn more about Objective-C using the iPad's graphical user interface and other tools.

Challenges for Objective C

Those who have experience with C ++ programming will say that Objective-C has no builders and destructors, which can cause some problems with the first timer because you need to do many operations manually. In addition, it has only one namespace, so it is impossible to create private and public objects. Many builders think this is the same as the old school code. In addition to learning Objective-C, aspiring developers also need to study Cocoa, Apple's programming interface for all iOS programs released for it, and Windows programming is fundamentally different (as expected, given the iPad and the tablet computer that works between the big differences in general Windows).

iPad app development platform

If you do not plan to spend money on new equipment and learn new programming languages ​​and frameworks, you can use the iOS app design platform. The main iPad development platforms are Flash, Unity 3D and Stonetrip ShiVa3D, which is mainly used to create games, but can also be used for other types of apps. In addition, they allow the development of apps in the Windows environment, and then transfer it to the Apple-based devices.

Third-party app development tools

The application development platform may look cool but you should realize that this option does not apply to high profile projects and those with large budgets or teams due to Apple's strict approval procedure. Initially, Apple was allowed to publish programs that were developed using third-party tools, but after a while, they banned the use of such apps, resulting in confrontation with Adobe, which could only allow Flash and other types of Similar apps reach EU regulators again Institutional requirements. Therefore, be careful not to ensure that Apple no longer prohibits the development of third-party tools. Nothing can last forever, and taking into account the complexity of the iOS app creation procedure and approval, it is not necessary to invest in Unity or Flash products just to complete the task.

Professional services of iPad design

You can see that developing an iPad application is a complex task that requires a lot of skill and experience, so if your knowledge of Internet technology is inadequate, your company can rely on our professional team of iOS programmers. We offer you valuable advice and help you create first-class mobile solutions, perfect for your business and attract customers.

Web-based applications

The third solution is a bit simple, but not very obvious: the development of Web-based applications. The iPad has a pre-installed Safari Web browser, which strongly supports JavaScript and CSS. Needless to say, anyone will build the next game as an "angry bird," but their ability is enough to develop efficient business apps without the need for too much hype. Web-based apps do not necessarily run in the browser - you can play in full-screen mode so that the browser's address bar and other properties are not visible and use the CSS Webs to make it look and feel like a native iOS application . The user can interact with the program by touching, sliding and clicking gestures and placing the icon on the main screen. Most importantly you can design a web-based app without an internet connection. There are many useful tutorials on developing web apps using JavaScript, so we are not going to go into technical details - only Google seems to be the best choice.

Development of specific content of the iPad software

However, the iPad has some web-based development details that you should be aware of when programming an HTML-based iPad-based app or an app accessed only by an iOS user. First, it is not possible to use Fash. There is a possibility that Apple and Adobe do, but at the same time nothing happens, so Flash is not the iPad's programming option.

Two fingers rolling

Shifting a separate block and container mechanism is another iPad hint - the default slider gesture in Safari starts the window.scroll () event, which causes the whole page to scroll instead of just a specific content. In fact, the iPad has a single gesture - a two-finger roll, is completely described above, but in fact, very few Tablet PC users know this feature, so we recommend that you do not use the text block to scroll at least content important.

Playing and hovering

To add more, you must remember that you can not create the appropriate mouse driver controls on the iOS interface and other touchscreen devices. The reason behind this is perfectly understandable: the device knows where the finger is clicked when the user touches the screen. However, there are many hackers who can help you solve this problem because the Safari browser for mobile devices has events like “onmouseover”. But in view of the fact that the mouse is not hovering, but through rapid success, can be very difficult, difficult to explain, we also recommend avoid. As you see, the touch screen device can not be built to use the mouse, so keep this in mind when creating the interface for the iPad app.

CSS positioning

Note that the CSS fixed positioning - you must specify the exact coordinates of the x, y viewport for the objects on the page, rather than leaving the browser layout. Note that it has nothing to do with targeting, where you need to specify the coordinates of the page where the object is placed. For fixed positioning, it is used to fix objects relative to the browser window so that the objects remain in the same position when you scroll: usually for footers, titles, navigation, and so on.

Native vs. Web vs. Software Development Platform

We discussed three possibilities for iPad apps development, namely native apps, web apps and pps developed using the development platform, but what is the final choice? Any professional developer will no doubt say a native program because when you will have to spend more local development, the AppStore launched high quality apps may bring more returns than the initial budget.

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