High-Tech Mobile App Design

Our mobile app design lab offers the development of various mobile solutions - applications for tablets, smartphones and other wearable devices. We write for iOS and Android. We place applications on the App Store and Google Play. Our team is a member of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. In the development process we use Java, Objective-C, Unreal, Unity3D, client-server architecture.

New Stage of Business Development

Smart mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - not just entered our lives, they took a dominant position in it. According to analysts, the share of smartphones among mobile phones of Moscow residents exceeded 55%. It is clear that their share in economically active residents of the capital is equal to 100 (and even more!) Percent. Experts can only argue, which device manufacturers - Apple or Samsung - more?

Due to such prevalence of smartphones, mobile applications play an increasing and greater role in advertising, sales, communications. Already not only any bank, but almost every decent fitness club or spa-salon has its own app. A mobile app is primarily a simple and convenient way to maintain communications with existing customers. Training schedules, online recording of procedures, reminders of doctor visits - mobile solutions are easy and, most importantly, unobtrusively for the consumer with all this cope.

Tablets with specialized applications - this is the embodiment of the dream of any large company. There is no need to carry thick catalogs of products with you, with almost any tablet, the entire product range with detailed descriptions will fit into a lightweight portfolio. At the same time, using multimedia technologies, it is possible to demonstrate to potential customers not only the dry figures of efficiency, but to show video of the operation of equipment or animation clips about its simple maintenance. Moreover, you can take virtual reality glasses for mobile phones (for example, the same Samsung Gear VR) and literally immerse the potential consumer in the virtual reality of the product.

7 Things You Should Know About Mobile Design

The design of mobile applications plays an important role in creating a service. Functionality and utility is the main thing for users, but if the design does not attract or even complicates the work with the app - it will be immediately deleted.

Therefore, in this article, we talk about the intricacies of design that need to be considered in the design.

Easy Navigation

Do not complicate the navigation in the application with complicated menus. The navigation block should not close the main app field. You can use the "hamburger system" or hide the menu in the left curtain of the app. Use icons that are intuitively clear to customers, that is, those that are used in most apps. This will allow users to quickly and efficiently navigate the service.

Simple Background

The design of iOS applications was one of the first to lay the foundation for the trend of minimalism and simplicity. If web designers include beautiful themes and backgrounds when creating a site, mobile designers make background images monophonic or blurry, which makes the navigation and app functions more expressive. This will also save download time and increase user interaction.

Color Palettes

Developing the design of mobile applications requires a reasonable use of the color palette. We recommend using more white space and tinted versions of your brand's colors. Place colors strategically, emphasizing where readers can find the most relevant information. A good method of selecting colors is the Mood Board. It helps to create a color gamut of the app that will evoke the emotions and feelings you need. More about the method here.

Swiping Gestures

The design of mobile applications for android and ios includes the thought over gestures with which users work with the service. There are several gestures and functionalities that you can use on your site: touch, double-tap, pinch, hold and drag, and touch and drag. User experience will help you determine the most frequently used gestures in order to include them in the app and stay on top.

Intuitive Interface

Usability design for the iPhone or Android runs a red thread through all the development points. No matter what device someone uses, no one wants to feel that they are not smart enough to navigate in it. Your interface should be intuitive for all devices. Instead of relying on your sixth sense, just think about what would be the most natural action for the desired function. When users feel comfortable in the app, they will constantly work with it, which means that the rating will only increase.

Integration with Social Networks

Development of the android app design should take into account the fact that a large proportion of clients come from social networks. This is true if your app is an online store. So add social network buttons and the ability to log in via facebook or instagram. This will further increase user experience and usability, since registration does not take much time.

Wearable gadgets

Mobile design applications for the iphone or Android - this is not all that limits the scope of the mobile. Over the past year, worn gadgets - smart watches, fitness trackers - have burst into the arena. They became not just single-tasking devices, but combined many functions of smartphones. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the minimalist design of such gadgets, the essence of which is to catch the information with a quick glance and run about their business.

As you can see, the design of android apps, as well as iOS, is closely related to the possibilities of programming and development. Only by working in a bundle, you can get a really cool service that combines the user experience, good design and advanced development capabilities.

The development of app design is an important step for creating a good mobile product. Our team approaches the implementation professionally - and the designers, programmers, and testers work together, which means that the products always please the customers. Moreover, developing an application based on SCRUM allows you to optimize the project after each iteration. At the output, this gives the benefits of any changes in the course of the project. The designer does not adjust to what the developer has programmed, and the developer does not "stretch" the design onto the code. Products are obtained as a whole in both spheres, and users enjoy working with them.

If you want to order a mobile app design for android or iOS, or order a comprehensive development from us - drop us a line and we will consult you.Developing Android Wear Apps

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Developing Android Wear Apps

Development of applications for watches Apple, Android, Samsung and other models.

In the era of technological progress and the era of the Internet, the creation of innovative gadgets is logical and so long-awaited for advanced users. Representatives of this category of products are products such as Smart Watch and Android Wear.

Smart Watch and Android Wear are platforms on the basis of which applications for their app in portable electronics are developed. So, watches, heart rate monitors and other similar gadgets not only fulfill their direct purpose, but also provide the user with ample opportunities through access to the Internet.

Applications for Smart Watch and Android Wear are products that extend the functionality of operating systems that are equipped with items of portable electronics. With the help of these gadgets, which meet the latest technology, you can perform many operations, both manually and remotely. The main characteristic of this technology, uniting the products of different brands, is their interaction with smartphones, which is carried out via Bluetooth.



Technologies created on the basis of Smart Watch and Android Wear, give the user the opportunity to use advanced functionality, which is provided by the availability of constant access to the Internet. With the clock, equipped with applications for Smart Watch and Android Wear you can:

  • One click on the screen to take a photo;
  • To carry out remote control of the smartphone, not holding it in your hands;
  • Have access to news resources;
  • Read urgent messages;
  • Receive notifications of the number of unread messages;
  • Put the car on the alarm;
  • Make a taxi call, order food and services.

Developing applications for Smart Watch and Android Wear involves the availability of fresh ideas, promising popularity, demand and, accordingly, profit. Creating products for innovative developments allows you to take steps towards progress, the boundaries of which, as is known, do not.

Development Process

The development of applications for Smart Watch and Android Wear follows a certain algorithm, which can be concluded in several steps:

  • Identification of the principle of "smart" hours;
  • Definition of the options management system.

Also, you should pay attention to the compatibility of specific models with software, which is equipped with gadgets. It is possible to use cross-platform apps.

  • Mobile App Design Costs

    The cost of developing applications for Smart Watch and Android Wear certainly depends on the functional, which is planned to be laid. Usually the app for Smart Watch works in conjunction with the mobile app. For SimcoeLab customers who ordered a mobile or Smart TV app, we have a special promotion, thanks to which you can get the development of the app for Smart Watch absolutely free!

  • Timing

    The amount of time required to create applications of this group is also directly proportional to the "severity" of the virtual design. For example, it takes several weeks to develop a middle-class product for a large audience, and it may take more than a month to create advanced modifications with sophisticated functionality.