Our Work

File Guard

Web platform for secure data files storage
Working with a well-known brand in the world of cloud storage services we were invited to create a desktop program for secure data storage for small and medium businesses. The main peculiarity of the service is that it offers long-term storage of data duplicating it on multiple servers located in different parts of the world. We build a simple and functional user interface and enabled powerful features which allow users manage their storage, upload into vaults, remove files, etc.
Desktop development • Virtual Storage • Web development • UI/UX Design

Guest Book

A visitor registration system
We were asked to develop an iOS application with web admin dashboard which will enable to check in unlimited visitors and automatically notify employees of guest arrivals. The web dashboard includes information available to users according to their access level, such as locations, employees, companies, billing data and other. The app simplifies multiple procedures letting check in guests and register permanent visitors, send email notifications and do many other things in a timely manner.
Backend development • iOS Development • UI/UX Design


An educational Android application
Our customer approached us to create an educational platform that provides students with learning materials and access to the online courses. The app functionality depends on the user role providing different feature sets to the principal, teachers, and students. A principle can manage users’ accounts, teachers upload material, add courses, view student statistics and how much of the course have been accomplished, and students can access study materials and take tests. The app aim is to facilitate learning and monitoring processes.
Web development • Android Development • UI/UX Design


Analysing and evaluation software
Our customer has extensive partnership relationships with a number of UK’s universities and colleges providing them with the information on job evaluation and other consultancy services related to the employment. The company used off-the-shelf software which functionality couldn’t be customised enough, that is why they approached us. We started with presenting a functional MVP and step-by-step with regular testing and feedback, our team delivered a desired tool using the latest technologies. We also assisted in the migration of members’ data and continued our collaboration providing maintenance services.
Web Development • SQL Server Integration • Frontend • Backend


A mobile application for a delivery company
An on-demand delivery company approached us to facilitate their order placing and taking system via native Android and iOS applications so that they could expand their reach. The app enables users to place an order for traditional moving service, as well as for pick-up delivery from retail stores and home-to-home delivery. Our design team ensured sustainable and user-friendly workflow with intuitive navigation for both couriers and customers.
Android Development • iOS Development • UI/UX Design • Branding


Issue reporting system
One of service centres approached our team asking to develop a new software tool that enables a new form of support for healthcare facilities and helps to improve their effectiveness and patients experience. Our task was to build a mobile application that will allow patients easily and quickly comment and complain about their experience of healthcare services introducing new culture and openness. Such application allows to improve standards of care providing honest and anonymous feedback from patients.
Web Development • Android Development • Backend • UI/UX Design