Website Testing Taken Seriously

Our expertise in the field of web development includes the production of technically complex but ergonomic and user-friendly websites and applications. Our solutions help in the management of the company's processes, their organization and documentation, since our in-depth expertise is based on a large number of diverse ERP and CRM systems developed for enterprises and start-ups.

How We Achieve Excellent Quality

Website testing is one of the most important stages of development, after which, the customer is provided with a ready project without errors, with good readability, perceived ease, convenience and reliability. We would like to talk about what stages the site goes through before going into production.

Testing is the deviation of the actual result from the expected result, in other words, it is the process of searching for bugs.

The basic rules for websites checks are steps that show the user how easy and logical the project will be, how easy and possible to find this or that information. Whether well perceived by the human eye and whether all the functionality of this website works correctly, which was delivered on the terms of reference or brief is the main indicators for the tester.

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How to Implement the Check?

Checking can occur in a variety of ways, but do not forget about the process itself and the QA strategy. The sequence of your actions depends on it. To date, experts in testing websites use such types of checks as:

  • Functional
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • User Interface
  • Security
Functional Testing

One of the important and irreplaceable kinds of control. The most important rule of functional testing is the correct calculation of functions. For example, take an online store that has not only discounts on the goods, but also a lot of statuses when buying, n number of products. All these options should be taken into account. After all, if the project functionality does not work in a specific browser, then it will not work anywhere. If you take a certain functionality for web projects, then basically checked:

  • search and purchase of goods, ordering
  • Navigation
  • form authentication
  • Add, delete, edit, order, etc.
User’s Preferences and Usability Tests

Usability testing (usability) is a type of check that makes the website convenient and practical to use. The main goal is to show the user:

  • Is your website understandable and convenient?
  • Convenient navigation?
  • What is the impression of the user?
  • What can be superfluous or unnecessary.

The main task of testing website usability is the design of what the user wants to find and purchase, that he is looking for the necessary information and for this he does not interfere.

Stress Testing

Performance test is basically a load testing. It is checked automatically in most cases via special programs. This gives a chance to check how good it will work under a certain load.

The purpose of this check is to count the number of virtual users who specify n number of requests at one time (be it seconds even). Thus, the result is whether our project was able to withstand, for example, 100 users who simultaneously bought the goods or were authorized on the site, the answer shows whether it is really possible to sustain the website such a load.

Testing of the User Interface

UI testing is the control of intuitivity and convenience of the graphical user interface, which involves checking the website for compliance with the requirements for the graphical interface, whether it looks professional, whether it is performed in a unified style.

In most cases, user interface testing is performed with the following types of procedures:

  • Testing for compliance with the standards of graphical interfaces;
  • Testing with different screen resolutions;
  • Testing cross-browser compatibility, or compatibility with different Internet browsers and their versions;
  • Testing of localized versions: accuracy of translation (multilanguage, multicurrency), checking the length of names of interface elements, etc.;
  • Testing the graphical user interface on target devices (smartphones, PDAs, tablets).
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The Full Range of Services

  • Development of Cloud Applications and Services

    Over the years, more and more projects developed by us use cloud technologies. Today, perhaps, it is already difficult to find an application that in one way or another was not associated with the cloud. We have accumulated considerable experience in the development of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions for today's main platforms - Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, as well as other less common systems, including free (open source) such as OpenStack and others.

  • Solutions for e-commerce

    We can create custom e-commerce solutions from scratch or, if necessary, write only part of the program and ensure its subsequent integration with such world-renowned platforms as Magento, Salesforce and other content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)

  • Development of Cross-platform Applications

    Our developers have all the skills to create native and hybrid applications with advanced ecosystems that allow your software to work on both stationary and mobile devices. We work with both major platforms, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS, and with some less common ones, for example, Tizen, WebOS, etc.

  • Development on Salesforce

    Our QA specialists and programmers have significant expertise in the development of web applications integrated with Salesforce and checking the third party’s software solutions. Our experts is ready to consult you and will be glad to develop or to check CRM-solution for your project.

  • Development of Web and Corporate Portals

    We can create any web portal based on your needs: B2B, B2C, partner, media, e-learning, etc. Web portals improve the interaction between company representatives and customers, optimize the sales process and increase profits. Corporate portals allow you to build an internal / external network infrastructure, engage employees and enhance their interaction.


Design for your Online Business

Qualitative author's design is the first thing that fixes the company's representation in the mind of the visitor of the site. Effective combination of colors, competent arrangement of elements, thoughtful usability instantly have the user. That is why the development of design is the basis for creating not only a large portal, but also a compact official website for almost every firm. In the modern market, ordering a website design is the beginning of creating a strong credibility in the online communities.

What is the Qualitative Design of Websites?

The final web design of the website significantly depends on its target orientation. Good work is created by detailed strategic development: the agency's employees plan the features of brand expression and calculate the budget. Web design development includes the following stages:

  • Our web design studio accepts the idea of ​​the future project, highlights the main characteristics of the customer's company, features of goods and services, accents and advantages.
  • After evaluating the potential content, the information is divided into sections, where it is built into a clear structure. The cost of website design will depend on the complexity of the distribution of sections, the creation of internal project reassignments and the overall quality of structuring.
  • Development of design goes into the stage of visual planning and a more detailed thinking of the interface based on the already calculated structure.
  • The finished visual solution is sharpened to trifles, final touches are thought out.
  • The preliminary project is confirmed by the customer and only after that the development of the design studio goes to the stage of layout.
  • The timing of the design depends on the size of the project, its actual complexity.

Website Redesign

Website redesign is a must for a modern entrepreneur. Due to the fact that trends in graphic design and website building are changing rapidly, the owners all often think about updating the site.

The reason for the desire to change your website can be not only a race for fashion and attempts to keep pace with the times, but also the emergence of business / services to a new level and positioning. As a result of deep marketing analysis and the decision to make re-branding, a need is born to modify the site.

The website has long ceased to be just a business card that shows the goods, portfolio and contacts of the organization. Now this is a powerful sales tool, so it's important to correctly draw up your offer both graphically and with text.


What can we change your existing site?

  • Design (graphics);
  • Website structure;
  • Navigation on the site;
  • Modify a set of website functions;
  • Structure of website pages;
  • Add new services (subscription forms for mailing, applications, questionnaires).

Redesigning sites made by another developer is not an easy process. In our company you can order the redesign of the website and without any unnecessary expenditure of money get an updated and improved website. We also undertake the creation (updating) of the logo and corporate style (vector graphics).

Order Professional Web Design Support

The design estimations can vary from person to person. To create the web project, directly targeted to your product audience, the proper way is to accompany web development by sets of testings on the real users. Our studio offers web design, which will be held according to the latest standards of development and usability tests. For years our UI designers create visualisation for hundreds of software projects, moving from the sketches to attractive and convenient interfaces for projects of any complexity.

Get in touch and we’ll provide you the website testing for your domain or will create a new one from the scratch.